Data Modeling for the Database Developer, Designer & Admin

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DBAs, developers and designers are often tasked with building and managing databases. Especially when the database has been developed by someone else, you have little to no insight into the database structure. Join Quest Software to learn more about Toad Data Modeler and its features that provide:

* Database Design — Create high-quality database structures, generated automatically, following standard best-practice design methodologies
* Documentation — Generate high-quality, detailed reports for documenting existing database structures
* Database Redesign — Take existing databases, re-design the model, and generate the new design SQL
* Database Migration — Generate out existing database structures to a new database platform for migration or copy to a different database

* Overview of Data Modeling
* Brief product overview and benefits
* Functionality demonstration
— Create ER diagrams and generate SQL scripts — Reverse engineer — Add self-relationship, use rolenames, DDL preview — Data flow diagrams
* Overcoming common data modeling mistakes
* Q&A

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