Microstrategy Interview Questions – Part 1

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Part -1 of the common interview questions for Microstrategy BI Reporting.

  • What is Freeform SQL?
  • What is an OLAP cube report?
  • How to apply OLAP?
  • How to handle many to many relationships?
  • If there are diff. customers how to define the data?
  • How to create dual key(dual key in composite key)
  • What is VLDB based performance tuning?
  • Have u used stored procedures to invoke MSTR?
  • What is compound metrics(is m1 + m2 a compound metrics)
  • What is Hetreogenous mapping?
  • How to apply function in an attribute?
  • What is Smart Totals?
  • What is a Smart Metric?
  • How to change default total for a metric?
  • How to apply a function inside a filter?
  • How to apply a compilation function inside a filter?
  • Can dimensionality of a metric be changed in run-time?
  • What is the drawback of custom group?
  • How to change date format(example from US to EUROPEAN)
  • What is IServer clustering?

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