Microstrategy Interview Questions – Part 2

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Part 2 of the common interview questions for Microstrategy BI Reporting.

  • What is a Command manager?
  • What is an Object manager?
  • In the RDF documents, a metric pops up when you run it, how to delete it(there are three ways to delete it)?
  • Installation of MSTR?
  • Configuration?
  • In a document how to repeat a section?
  • Query builder?
  • Report wizard?
  • Report builder?
  • Configuring data mart?
  • Fact level extension?
  • Diff types of reports?
  • Types of objects?
  • How to cancel cartisan product?
  • Diff types of selector
  • Element selector
  • What is panel stack in rdf
  • Diff types of documents?
  • Why do we use relation between 2 attributes(filter)
  • Documents: a.) pulling the report   b.) pulling the attribute
  • What is a Drill map?

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