Microstrategy Interview Questions – Part 3

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Part 3 of the common interview questions for Microstrategy BI Reporting.

  • Use of hierarchy?
  • Types of hierarchy?
  • Do we create object before creating metric?
  • Types of error?
  • Odbc error?
  • Why aggregate tables are used?
  • Wat is logical table size?
  • Wat is an attribute?
  • Wat is a fact (emp id is a fact)?
  • Performance tuning?
  • Which engine does view filter works
  • a. which engine does report filter works
  • b. types of engines?
  • How do u relate attribute relation
  • Table logic server?
  • How to bring current date?
  • Wat is level metric?
  • Types of mapping methods?
  • To get the year wat to do?
  • Wat is base formula?how to create ?adv?
  • Aggregate/ nested metrics?
  • How did u performance tuning in ur project?

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    where are the answers?

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